Look through the window....

What do you see?

Pampered Chef
Last weekend to buy Pampered Chef. Show closes after Sunday. So far, we're getting close to $200 from Pampered Chef toward my 3 Day for the Cure 60 mile walk in October in Philadelphia.


Click on Shop Online and search for Yarmer! You know you wanna!

http://www.the3day.org/goto/yarmer if you want more information on my walk! :D

Massive cleanout.
I just did a massive friends list clean.  If I removed you, and you are wondering why, send me a comment.  If I couldnt' remember who's journal it was I probably deleted you.

If you think that's the case, send me a msg or leave a comment.  I've been away from LJ for so long... I just kinda want to start over.

I'm sorry. 

This journal is friends only. If you wish to be added, comment here, and I will consider it.

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